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Pioneering Energy Transition through IoT Innovation

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Energy Transition

What are the main challenges that Argentina faces in its transition towards a greener and more renewable energy matrix, and how can T.Platform help to overcome these and exploit the opportunities presented by the energy transition?

Currently, Argentina encounters several challenges in achieving a transition towards a greener and more renewable energy matrix. Among these, we can list a lack of investment and financing. As a country, we need to attract significant investments to generate more renewable energy projects and advance in this area. Regarding the existing electrical grid, the upgrading of infrastructure and adoption of new technologies are fundamental to integrating renewable energies. A stable and clear regulatory and political framework is necessary to facilitate investment and the development of renewable energies; finally, education and the adoption of the industry towards cleaner energies are crucial. At present, there are more urgent issues in education due to the economic context of the country, but among younger consumers, there is a greater awareness and acceptance of the consequences of inaction, achieving this awareness at a general level is a significant challenge for society to understand its relevance.Our value proposition, encapsulated as T.Platform, can play a crucial role in overcoming these challenges by facilitating the adoption and management of clean energies without increasing costs. Our IoT platform enables remote management and early decision-making through access to valuable business data, which is probably the most complex part of an energy project and one of the first obstacles encountered during implementation.

In this segment, the stakeholders are not in the same location as the assets, a clear expression of a globalised world. Thus, the ability to manage remote assets in a simple, effective, and economical manner, which we have termed “democratising access to IoT,” is undoubtedly a necessary and appealing proposal.T.Platform can help maximise the opportunities presented by the energy transition:

  • Supporting companies and the government in efficiently managing assets involved in the use and generation of renewable energies.
  • Simplifying and making the implementation of IoT accessible with powerful hardware designed for the most hostile industrial and natural environments.
  • Offering a diverse range of mobile and satellite connectivity that covers the entire extent of the country.
  • A software platform that helps to enrich the data obtained and transform it into business value, easily and intuitively customisable.

We simplify the entire IoT value chain in a single product so that incorporating valuable solutions becomes a reality for industries of small, medium, and large sizes. Among the main benefits of incorporating T.Platform, we can talk about energy efficiency, optimisation of operation, informed decision-making, integration with emerging technologies and current systems of the company, predictive maintenance, vandalism prevention, and customised alerts. Of course, there are other benefits tailored to each business, and it is possible to scale the solution to expand this impact.

IoT Solutions for Energy Efficiency:

What specific solutions does TwinDimension offer to improve energy efficiency in key sectors such as transport, industry, and residential consumption?

The quality of the electrical product refers to the characteristics of the electrical energy supplied, including aspects such as voltage stability and frequency, the quality of electrical service, and also the reliability and availability of the supply. From TwinDimension, the IoT vertical of Grupo Tesacom, we have a set of solutions that allow companies in the sector to achieve that sought-after quality efficiently and sustainably. Our technological stack consists of turnkey solutions for: fuel consumption control, gas emissions, energy consumption, energy efficiency, remote control of circuit breakers and transformers, control of medium and low voltage networks, control of alternative energy sources, remote asset management via satellite, network analysers for buildings, minimisation of losses, vandalism prevention, prevention of energy losses due to illegal connections, analysis of large volumes of data, alerts, weather stations, leakage current measurement, and others that our partners have developed.The most important aspect of our proposal is that our partners can also adapt and extend our solutions, generating customised management reports and dashboards to process and display data in the most convenient way and associated with the management systems of their clients, as well as integrating them into value-added platforms through our standard APIs.

Impact of IIoT on Energy Planning:

How can IIoT help energy planners make more informed and efficient decisions?

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) can significantly aid energy planning by providing accurate and timely data on energy consumption, production, and system conditions throughout the supply chain and in locations where it was previously very difficult to obtain quality information on time.T.Platform not only allows access to the latest real-time data but also has all historical data stored and, in a very simple way, allows users to make aggregations. These functions apply to data in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly time windows so that planners obtain representative summarised data for each important variable in the best possible way.

Here are some ways in which IIoT can help:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: IIoT enables real-time monitoring of energy assets. Providing data in easy-to-read visual indicators, real-time trends that update every time data is generated, or alarms displayed on-screen or sent via email.
  • Data Prediction and Analysis: Through the use of sensors and connected devices, IIoT continuously collects data on energy consumption, production, environmental conditions, and other relevant factors. This data can be analysed using advanced data analysis techniques and machine learning to predict consumption patterns, identify trends, and forecast future energy demand.
  • Operation Optimisation: With access to real-time data and predictive analytics, planners can optimise the operation of energy systems, adjusting production and energy distribution more efficiently to meet real-time demand and minimise costs.
  • Demand Management: IIoT can help implement more effective demand management strategies by providing detailed information about consumption patterns and the ability to control connected devices and equipment to reduce load during peak periods.
  • Predictive Maintenance: By continuously monitoring equipment and energy assets, IIoT can detect anomalies and early signs of failure, allowing for predictive maintenance to prevent costly downtime and maximise operational efficiency.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence: By storing data in the cloud, IIoT solutions possess unique features to integrate with Artificial Intelligence, thus enabling the analysis of diverse and complex situations, with expert support for making more efficient and valuable decisions, and detecting anomalous situations that ensure the quality of the supply in ways never before possible.

IoT Solutions for Renewable Energies:

What specific solutions does TwinDimension offer to optimise the generation, distribution, and management of solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy?
  • Management of mobile generators with and without Modbus controller
  • Heavy machinery monitoring
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Gas emission control
  • Energy consumption collection
  • Energy efficiency systems
  • Remote control of load break switches, reclosers, and transformers
  • Control and monitoring of medium and low voltage networks
  • Monitoring of alternative energy sources and UPS
  • Remote asset management via satellite
  • Network analysers for buildings
  • Loss minimisation
  • Theft and vandalism prevention
  • Weather station monitoring
  • Measurement of leakage currents (in grounding)
  • Design and construction of customised solutions for each need.
How does T.Platform help operators of renewable energy projects increase their production and reduce their costs?

By integrating IoT for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, our partners not only increase production by maximising operational efficiency, but also reduce costs associated with unexpected equipment failures, emergency maintenance, and production shutdowns. This combination of improved efficiency and cost reduction is fundamental for them.With T.Data, our cloud platform, access is possible from anywhere in the world, is one hundred percent configurable by the user and each operator. Each user can adjust the views to make their work more efficient and obtain a customised solution to their needs. The capability to handle large volumes of various forms of data ingestion with the ability to transform data by adding value allows the end user to obtain valuable and timely data for making business decisions.Through the analysis of historical and real-time data, T.Platform can identify opportunities to optimise the operational efficiency of renewable energy assets. This may include adjustments to the configuration and operation of equipment to maximise energy production and minimise operational costs.It allows for the prediction of future failures by identifying patterns or signs of wear in equipment that suggest the need for maintenance before the equipment actually fails.It enables maintenance interventions to be scheduled efficiently for when the equipment is not in critical use, thereby reducing the impact on production.By avoiding the excessive use of worn machinery and keeping equipment in optimal condition, their durability and efficiency are prolonged.


What are the main expectations of TwinDimension as a Silver Sponsor of the Argentina Energy Week Summit & Exhibition?

As part of our purpose to achieve a sustainable industry, we believe in collaboration in building ecosystems and the Energy Week Summit gives us the opportunity to meet sector representatives. We have high expectations of spreading our value proposition that is ready to be utilised by this industry and of generating significant agreements with strategic partners from the region and the world, to continue democratising the adoption of IIoT.

What do you hope to achieve with your participation in this reference event for the energy sector?

With the participation of TwinDimension in this reference event for the energy sector, we hope to raise awareness of our solutions and our unique perspective for the adoption and democratisation of IIoT. We also trust that we will have access to new partners who will help us grow and thus, generate an ecosystem of valuable solutions that contribute to the sector. Our focus is to support the development of more companies in the sector to continue strengthening the commitment to the development of a sustainable industry. We expect many people to attend the talk given by our VP Alex Pestchanker “Empowering a World of Energy with IoT: Accelerating Towards Abundance” on day 1 of the event. We look forward to a large audience.


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