The Net-Zero Circle

Connecting you with a network of energy peers striving for carbon neutrality

Bringing net-zero insights and networks closer to you

At a time where climate change mitigation and access to contacts and information has never been so urgent, we are leveraging our tight-knit network of energy regulators, ministries, national and international energy companies, to build a community with the goal of bringing forward energy transition and carbon neutrality.
About Us

Your net-zero journey

Learn, what you need to achieve your decarbonisation goals. What expertise you need, similar cases with yours, what is the best journey for you.

Connect & Engage, with the right experts, investors and policy makers from our network, Nurture the right relations you will need with your future partners, investors or project operators.

Grow, by closing partnerships, accessing actionable projects and networking with the right energy peers in the community.

Find the best decarbonisation path for you

The Net-Zero Circle connects you with the knowledge, place and network to achieve net-zero

Our mission is to help stakeholders reach consensus and secure the missing elements at every stage of the energy transition.
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How we make it happen

Insights Hub

  • The Insights hub is a virtual newsroom which challenges our energy narrative in the form of podcasts, interviews, and articles under one comprehensive platform.

  • Dive into our interactive space for conversation and debate on the latest trends, pressing issues and tough questions within decarbonisation.

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The Vault

  • Access your online archive where members can tackle critical decision making and clean energy roadmaps with comprehensive knowledge at your fingertips.

  • The Vault is the search tool where our community can find expert-data on a diverse range of net-zero themes, to always be in the know and never on the back foot in evaluating new net-zero opportunities.


  • Develop your skills and command of new technologies led by global net-zero pioneers. The Masterclasses offer structured and tailored classes to coach and equip the industry with latest skills and techniques for the critical decision makers of our energy future.

  • Evolve your training alongside the energy transition and learn to master net-zero solutions with your community.


  • Our Events gather the world's policy makers, government representatives and energy experts to:

  • Connect with clients and partners

  • Engage with new net-zero projects and opportunities

  • Grow your global energy network

  • Acquire exclusive insights and share knowledge around the latest net-zero solutions and innovation

  • Access international and cross-sector deals and agreements

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Find the best decarbonisation path for you.

Join our worldwide network and find the support you need to reach your net-zero

goals, actionable projects and the right partners for your journey

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Born by a global network and connections

The need for the Net-Zero Circle was born by speaking to the Industry, Policy Makers and Governmental bodies in our global network. 

There is a need for market transparency and  actionable insights.  The Net-Zero Circle Community aims to bring forward conversations around defined policies, expertise that can incentivise a net-zero shift at a scalable rate and overall decarbonisation insights.

The only way to do so is by a global building and engaging in a community that lets ideas, knowledge and opportunities flow freely.

Connect with the right people around the world today with the Net-Zero Circle