Morocco Energy Week

Summit & Exhibition
2024 TBC, Marrakech, Morocco
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Join Morocco's Green Energy Boom

Green Hydrogen, Solar, Wind and Hydropower in the world’s most exciting Energy Transition hub.

IN-VR, as Morocco’s long-term partner for Energy Transition and FDI, is partnering up with MASEN for the inaugural national platform on Renewable energies. The Morocco Energy Week will bring together the country’s prominent Energy companies, Project owners and developers, as well as financiers and implementation companies, to engage in business dialogues for the country’s Green future.

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The Summit brings you:

The Morocco Energy Week Summit & Exhibition is the official platform of the country’s Green Energy sector, with 1:1 access to decision-makers and investors involved in one of the most promising energy hubs in the region.

Over +300 attendees will gather under the same roof for the launch of this premier event set to invest in Morocco’s Solar, Wind and Green Hydrogen current and upcoming projects, business opportunities, technical showcases and roundtable discussions.​

With no shortage of networking activities the summit will host +20 hours of dedicated networking such as: Two Capacity Building Workshops, VVIP Icebreaker, Coffee Breaks, Networking Lunches, Moroccan Themed Drinks Reception, Gala Dinner and Farewell Dinner Party.

Speakers Include

Ahmed Badr

Director, Project Facilitation and Support

Carole Nakhle

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Yahya Zniber

President of the Green H2 Cluster

Zaher Fawwaz

Regional Sales Director

Nicolas Souche

Regional Industry Manager

Nabil Saimi

Country Director

Modest Kwapinski

CEO of EDF Renouvelables

Omar Alaoui Mhamdi

Deputy CEO

Loïc Jaegert-Huber

Regional Manager ENGIE Northern Africa

Amir Hermes

New Energy Business Development Manager

Jauad El Kharraz

Executive Director

Katharina Felgenhauer

Chief Executive Officer

Roberto Magri


Siggi Huegemann

Co-Founder and Secretary General

Pierre Raillard

Head of Gas Business and Morocco Country Director

Abdellatif Nasserdine

Chair - ESG & Sustainability

Nacif Safouane

Program Lead - Carbon Markets Morocco

Paolo Cutrone

Programme Manager

Younes Benothman

Associate Banker

Stephen Orr

President of the British Chamber of Commerce Morocco

Anas Felhi

General Manager - North Africa

Mohammed Seghiri

Chief Operating Officer

Valentin Dupont

Senior Policy Officer

Stephen Jackson

Deputy CEO

Tom HIll

Country Director and HM Consul General

Ali El Bernoussi

Energy Specialist – KfW Rabat

Yassine Benjelloun

Senior Advisor for Morocco

Adebola Showemimo

UK Department for Business and Trade

Tony Tiyou

Founder & CEO
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Morocco Energy Week Summit & Exhibition 2024

Intro day + Two full days focusing on Morocco’s vast potential on green energy, project showcases and investment opportunities arising from the country’s fast growth.


Intro day + Two days
Full conference agenda + 2 Workshops


Local and International


Full conference agenda + 2 Workshops


of dedicated networking



Don't miss out! The time to invest in Morocco is now!

Investment opportunities in Green Hydrogen, Solar, Wind and Hydropower.

Why Morocco and why now?

- Accelerated Renewable Energy development aiming to reach 52% energy mix by 2030 including Solar, Wind and Hydro energies.

- National Green Hydrogen Plan set for rapid and qualitative implementation.

- Morocco is home to Noor Ouarzazate - the world's largest concentrated Solar Power Plant.​

- The country ranks second in the Normalized Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index.​

- Geographical advantages for minerals and integration of Renewable Energies to current projects.

Morocco's Green Energy Official Platform

to network and close on-site deals with decision makers.
Wind Power
Project Showcase: Aftissat wind farm: Morocco's powerhouse of Renewable Energy​
- Overview of CAES technology and its application in trapping excess electricity​
- Wind energy in Morocco: enablers and challenges​
- Project developers plans to expand their production activities
- Biomass opportunities in Morocco​
- Exploring the combined potential from solid bio-energy, biogas, and biofuels of 25.5 gigawatt-hours per year
- ​Gasification technologies transforming organic waste into synthetic gas for diverse applications​
- Shaping Morocco's biomass landscape for a diversified and sustainable energy mix
Critical Minerals
- The role of critical minerals supporting the energy transition
- Overview of exploration terrain, geological significance and historical mining context​
- Insights into the acquisition of 26 exploration permits in Central Morocco​
- How the Energy sector is reshaping global demand for Critical Minerals
Green Hydrogen
- Workshop: Infrastructure or Green Hydrogen Storage and Transportation.
- Project Showcase:
 White Dunes project​.
- LOHC technology for Morocco: Europe transport chain. ​- Strategies for securing off takers for Morocco's Green Hydrogen​. - Role of geographic proximity in Morocco's competitiveness at the global stage
- Project Showcase: Al Wahda, the second-largest dam in Africa​- Future developments, upgrades, or expansions for Al Wahda.​
- Technical Presentation: Abdelmoumen Pumped-Storage Power Plant
- ​Operational modes, pumping and turbines systems
Energy Efficiency
- National Energy and Energy Efficiency Plan
- ​Reducing Morocco’s reliance on imports, strengthening the energy independence
- ​Grid modernization efforts and smart management systems
Solar Energy
- Project Showcase: Noor Ouarzazate: the world's largest concentrated solar power plant built in Morocco​
- Showcasing CSP and photovoltaic technologies​
- Latest updates on Morocco's 400 MW Solar-Plus-Storage Tender​
- Project Showcase: Noor Boujdour 19.5MW Solar PV Park​
- How generated solar power will directly fuel mining operations in the world’s largest phosphate mine
- Investors roundtable
- ​Investment and financing trends in Morocco​
- Valuable insights and best practices from Morocco's successful investment mode
- ​Decision-making in investment strategies based on comprehensive ESG considerations


"I would like to thank IN-VR for being a platform for energy leaders and for organizing this event. It is a great place to connect with the main Moroccan energy stakeholders. It serves as an excellent space to exchange ideas, and focus on new opportunities"

Country Manager, SLB

The recent event in Morocco, organized by IN-VR was an unparalleled opportunity to meet the key stakeholders of the rapidly growing oil and gas market in the region. Spanning three days, it was a hive of productivity, featuring an array of workshops and collaborative sessions that were both informative and inspiring. (...)

CEO, Sygma Africa Maroc

"Gratitude to the organizers for their unwavering commitment to advancing Morocco's energy landscape. Petrostar takes pride in sponsoring, contributing to collaborative endeavours (...)

Manager, Petrostar Maroc

Why attend the Morocco Energy Week?

For project developers

- Project updates in Morocco

​- Meet MASEN’s high-level authorities responsible for contracts and tenders​

- Latest news on the 400 MW Solar

-Plus-Storage Tender

​- Investors roundtable seeking for new projects and opportunities to finance

​- Green Hydrogen Roadmap and the 1.5 million acres of public land set aside for green hydrogen and ammonia production

For service providers & technology companies

- Direct-drives and CAES technological applications in Wind Power farms​

- CSP and PV implementation in large-scale Solar Plants

- Reservoir capacity, and infrastructure of Hydropower projects​

- Present your company and services to capitalise on the vast opportunities in the Moroccan Renewables market​- Mining tech

- Mining innovation with data, AI and machine learning​

- Energy legal framework and fiscal policies

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