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Exclusive Interview with Ten Broking

Ten Broking
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Exclusive Interview with Ten Broking - AEW 2024

Sector-Specific Solutions: As Ten Broking expands its portfolio in the energy sector, could you discuss the specialized insurance and reinsurance solutions you offer for energy projects in Latin America, particularly in Argentina?

We have over 25 years of experience in insurance and reinsurance for energy risks, covering both Oil & Gas and Powergen risks, including conventional power generation (Thermal, Hydroelectric) as well as renewable energies. Additionally, we have extensive experience in mining risks. Our solutions are tailored according to the stages of Construction and Assembly or Operational Projects. These are based on customized coverage, seeking the best terms and conditions regarding budgets and coverage.

Growth and Expansion: Since beginning operations in 2021, Ten Broking has rapidly expanded its presence in multiple regions. What strategies have you used to grow in the insurance sector, especially in the Southern Cone countries and in relation to the energy sector?

We have built an excellent technical/commercial team. We have established working agreements with four highly specialized Lloyd’s of London reinsurance brokers in these niche markets. Based on the experience and knowledge obtained in Argentina, we have transferred our "know-how" and tools to different countries in the region. Furthermore, having support and solutions from Regional, European, and North American markets allows us to offer customized solutions to clients in various regions of Latin America.

Client-Centered Services: With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and local operations, but with global service standards, how does Ten Broking ensure effective and personalized solutions for large and complex energy projects in the diverse markets of Latin America?

We have a specialized human team and international strategic partners with extensive experience in conventional energy topics. We also investigate and advance in the latest aspects of new risks, such as Cybersecurity, ESG issues, decarbonization by analyzing the carbon credit market, advances in new energies, and green alternatives such as Hydrogen, CO2 Capture, energy storage, and the scope of the new Lithium market.

Innovations in Risk Management: Could you provide details on any innovations or recent advancements in risk management that Ten Broking has developed, especially for challenging sectors like energy, that distinguish you in the insurance market?

We offer advanced incident response and loss compensation services for cyber risks. We have a risk underwriting facility for contractors (both Oil & Gas and mining) with limits from USD 100MM to USD 300MM depending on the case. Currently, we are focused on developing various insurance alternatives for Carbon Credits and expect to have concrete news shortly.

Strategic Objectives: Looking to the future, what are Ten Broking’s main objectives for further penetrating and serving the energy insurance market in Latin America in the coming years?

We research and work to stay at the forefront of knowledge to support and collaborate with the needs based on the analysis and underwriting of risks for our Clients. Additionally, we have specialized personnel to provide technical training and risk management.

Expectations as a Sponsor: As a Silver sponsor of Argentina Energy Week, what are Ten Broking’s expectations for the event? How do you plan to leverage this platform to enhance your visibility and relationships within the energy sector?

We believe we have a consolidated team of Experts in various matters related to the energy and mining sectors, and it is an opportunity to make ourselves known and thus offer the participating Companies our potential for customized risk solutions and personnel training.


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