Pioneering Renewable Energy: Sygma Maroc’s Role in Transforming Morocco’s Green Energy Landscape

Sygma Maroc
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Sygma Maroc has been a key player in engineering services, with a strong emphasis on renewable energy projects. Could you elaborate on how your company’s expertise in engineering and project management has influenced the development of renewable energy infrastructure in Morocco?

Sygma Maroc through Sygma Group benefits from more than 20 years’ experience worldwide in the engineering, manufacturing, construction and commissioning of various green energy power plants. Thanks to our national and international network we have been able to give technical staffing support and to share our expertise with our customers. With a strong focus on technical and cultural skills we have been an accelerator for investors and contractors all over the world allowing them to find the best possible available talents nationally and internationally. Those 20 years’ experience have been transferred and integrated in Sygma Maroc for a fast and precise answer to the challenging ongoing and future national projects. 

What are the key areas of innovation or technology that Sygma Maroc is investing in to further enhance Morocco's energy sector, especially in renewable energies?

As a service provider Sygma Maroc is investing in many sectors allowing us to be the fastest tailored recruitment company to serve our customers with the best possible staff. To do so we are continuingly investing in : 

  1. Shared data base with more than 17 countries and 10’000 CVs
  2. Continuing the development of our CRM “LUCY” with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence allows us to pre-analyze and pre-classify hundreds of candidates per day. 
  3. Continuous development of our managerial internal tool ERP to keep track of all administrative and logistics tasks. 
  4. Continuous education for our employees to keep them up to date with the latest technological, environmental and health knowledge. 
  5. Participation in technological events to anticipate the future voids in the industry.

Morocco aims to increase the share of renewable energies in its energy mix to 52% by 2030. How is Sygma Maroc contributing to achieving this ambitious goal, especially with your involvement in some of the largest renewable energy plants

There is no possible growth without human resources. In this ambitious target for 2030 we will be committed to recruit nationally or internationally the most suitable people in time and hour. We will make sure that every single project in green energy has some Sygma Morocco power inside.

Can you share insights into any new technologies or innovative approaches that Sygma Maroc is currently exploring or has recently integrated into your renewable energy projects?

We have been able to positively answer a request of a customer willing to exploit the olive pomace to create biomass energy. We have successfully delivered the study thanks to our understanding of the process and our international network. 

More recently we have been asked to play a key role as an integrator for a green hydrogen plant powered by solar energy. We have found the technical team thanks to a collaboration with Sygma Group.

What is Sygma Maroc’s long-term vision for the role of renewable energy in Morocco? How do you plan to evolve your services to meet the future energy demands of the country?

Our vision at 5 years is to become a key leader in staffing recruitment in the green energy field. We are sure that our network and experience in this field will allow the national market to have sustainable and controlled growth.

Energy storage is a critical component of renewable energy systems. Can you discuss any innovative solutions or projects that Sygma Maroc is involved in regarding energy storage technologies?

In Sardinia Sygma Group has been awarded for the study of 2 BESS (Battery Energy Storage System ) 25 MW and 80 MW. We are now a day finishing the construction and the commissioning will follow. Once again, based on our international experience we will be able to bring our expertise to Morocco to support the growing green energy specially in Moroccan Sahara.


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